United Adjusters, LLC

A Grouping of Connecticut's Finest Public Insurance Adjusters

Member Firms

Tancreti, Phipps, Hoffman & Biller • Biller Adjusting by Jon • P.A. Inc.

Potential Disasters


Let us help you maximize your recovery...

We will:

  • Review your policies.
  • Prepare your building estimate.
  • Prepare your contents inventory.
  • Help you coordinate alternative living and prepare your Additional Living Expense (ALE) claim.
  • Meet with your company adjuster as often as required.
  • Negotiate all aspects of your claim.
  • Navigate through the technicalities and hidden language in your policy.
  • Prepare any and all paperwork required by the insurance company.
  • Advise and coordinate the services of other experts as necessary.
  • Prepare any loss of earnings, extra expense or business interruption claims.
  • Analyze and prepare all values for broad evidence and coinsurance calculating.
  • Help determine any salvage value and negotiate depreciation factors.
  • Allow you to continue your normal activities without being tied down by the insurance company.

Our job is to prepare, document and submit your claim, as required by the terms of your insurance policy, in order to get you a full, fair and prompt settlement. As long as you provide prompt notice of the claim, here are some of the things you can expect from us:

Specified Duties:

  • Protect the property from further damage
  • Prepare an inventory of damaged personal property
  • Specifications and itemized estimate to repair the building
  • Separate damaged from undamaged property
  • Submit a Sworn Statement in Proof of Loss
  • Determine the replacement cost of the building
  • Make claim for the withheld depreciation
  • Exhibit the damaged property as often as requested
  • Meet with adjusters and experts
  • Comply with time requirements

Implied Duties:

  • Coverage Review
  • Policy interpretation
  • Applying available coverages
  • Insuring "Like Kind & Quality" repair allowances
  • Assisting with alternative living arrangements
  • Enforcing policy available coverages

Our experience has shown that complying with the 'Duties' is very demanding, time consuming and stressful. Most people have no experience to guide them and are relieved to hire professionals who will work for them so that they can get back to their daily lives, families and businesses.

Our experienced adjusters and attorneys can help you receive the settlement you deserve under your policy. We will take care of your claim from beginning to end-until you are more than satisfied and have been fully paid.